NORTH COAST NATURALS - Ultimate Daily Cleanse


This premium 3-in-1 fiber formula provides 14 g of fiber (50% of your daily requirement), 6 g of essential fats, and probiotics, all from whole-food-based sources for gentle daily fiber health & cleansing.


480g 1000g


NORTH COAST NATURALS - Ultimate Daily Cleanse

  • DIGESTIVE HEALTH SUPPORT | A premium blend of fibre, essential fats and dairy-free probiotic for a healthy immune system
  • 16 G OF FIBRE (8 G OF SOLUBLE, 6 G OF INSOLUBLE) | Each serving provides a gut-healthy blend of six fibre sources: Canadian flax, psyllium husk, organic quinoa, organic chia, organic pumpkin and organic sprouted brown rice. One serving provides 50% of the recommended daily value for fibre.
  • 6.5 G OF EFAS | Essential fats help sooth the gut for a gentler effect while also providing joint, heart and general health benefits.
  • LOW FODMAP - GUT FRIENDLY | All of the ingredients chosen for Ultimate Daily Cleanse are low FODMAP. High-FODMAP foods can ferment in the gut, resulting in digestive issues for some. Our low FODMAP daily fibre cleanse provides a gentler choice for all individuals, including those suffering from most gastrointestinal issues.
  • SOY, DAIRY, WHEAT AND GLUTEN-FREE INGREDIENTS | We’ve carefully chosen ingredients that are free of soy, dairy, wheat and gluten.



Mix 1 serving (1/3 cup or 2 scoops) with hot or cold cereal, yogurt, your smoothie, protein shake or morning juice.





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