Protein cream is recommended in particular to physically active people, whose diet is sometimes monotonous, because it allows you to diversify the menu without adversely affecting its assumptions.


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Product Overview
Our Layered Protein Bar is our most indulgent protein bar yet, created to be a guilt-free and delicious snack to support your fitness ambitions.

Are you a layered bar enthusiast or completely new to our snacking game? We have four brand new flavours for you to try out including Vanilla Birthday Cake, Chocolate Peanut Pretzel, Cookie Crunch and Triple Chocolate Fudge.


What is the Layered Protein Bar?
Our Layered Protein Bar features six irresistible layers of taste and texture to provide a hit of protein, carbohydrates, and fibre all in a delicious and convenient bar.

Packed with over 20g of protein, these mouth-watering treats are the ideal way to upgrade your healthy snacking.


Key Benefits

  • 6 delicious layers
  • Over 20g of protein, to support your muscles
  • High in fibre
  • Over 18g of carbs, for post-workout recovery



Suggested Use

When to enjoy a Layered Protein Bar?
These guilt-free protein snacks are ideal anytime sweet-tooth cravings strike — at home, the office, or straight after a gym session to support muscle recovery.

What to enjoy the Layered Protein Bar with?
These bars are great to have with you for a super-tasty boost of protein, carbs, and fibre when you need it most. We recommend that you pair up with a shake of THE Whey for a powerful pre- or post-workout hit of premium protein.





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