REDCON1 Double Tap - 200g (40 Serving)


Keto Friendly Weight Management Powder with Green Tea Extract - Contains Acetyl L Carnitine + Caffeine for Energy & Wakefulness


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Brand : REDCON1



REDCON1 Double Tap

  • Burn Fat & Preserve Muscle - Staying in shape just got a whole lot easier with the top fat burner weight loss supplement on the market. This l-carnitine powder is formulated for athletic people of all skillsets looking to get a better workout while dramatically improving energy even in a caloric deficit. Double Tap appetite suppressant is for men and women over the age of 18.
  • Enhance Lean Muscle & Physique - Double Taps' appetite reducing and muscle preserving features will help keep you in shape, even during a period of limited exercise. It contains caffeine anhydrous, which is dehydrated form of caffeine that promotes alertness and wakefulness so you can retain focus even in calorie deficit. Acetyl L Carnitine may also help support brain health.
  • Appetite Suppressant - Its unique weight loss formula puts it above other fat burners by helping men and women burn fat while preserving muscle. This powder include caffeine powder and green tea leaf extract to help raise mental focus, mood, and curb appetite.
  • Premium Formulated Appetite Suppressant - REDCON1 creates only premium formulated products, such as this l-carnitine supplement, with transparent labels that are backed by science, and packed with great ingredients.



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