Trec Protein Wafer 40g x6 แท่ง


a crunchy wafer postponed with a delicious High protein


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Product Overview
Trec Protein Wafer Cookies & Cream - a crunchy wafer postponed with a delicious cocoa cream - light as a cloud, melting in the mouth enriched with whey protein, a mega crunchy wafer with cream and cocoa cream coated with white chocolate! A delicious snack that is deceptively similar to the popular Princessa. However, there is one significant difference - the Trec wafer contains a solid dose of protein - as much as 12g per serving

Key Benefits

  • Protein 12 g
  • No added sugars
  • slightly crunchy wafe
  • without preservatives, artificial flavors and hardened oils in the composition
  • High protein content


Tired of rubbery protein bars? Time for something crunchy! A crispy wafer full of flavor is a sweet protein snack that you can always have at hand - when you get hungry or when you feel like a moment of real sweet pleasure.

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